Plot Twist is a general interest bookshop carrying approximately 4,000 new and used titles. Our new books typically include general fiction, non-fiction, classics, children’s, young adult and memoir. If you are looking for a book we don’t currently have in stock, let us know and we can order it for you.

Our used books cover a variety of genres. In addition to general fiction and non-fiction, our selections include: regional works (fiction and non), essays and letters, books on writing, biography/memoir, cookbooks, art/design/photography, pets, money matters, family/parenting, health and fitness, lawn and garden, home decor, nature, religion, inspirational, travel, sports, hobbies/crafts, entertainment, humor, thriller/suspense, cozy and classic mysteries, teen/young adult, middle grade, sci-fi and fantasy, romance, children’s books, westerns, graphic novels and horror. We also have a miscellaneous section where we stick things we aren’t sure what else to do with!


  • New Books: Suggested retail price
  • Used Hardcover: $7
  • Used Paperback: $5
  • Mass Market Paperback: $3
  • Children’s Hardcover: $3
  • Children’s Paperback: $2
  • Board Books and Other Small Children’s: $1
  • Used New Releases: $12 (These are new and recent hardcovers that we have received used and are in like-new condition.)
  • Vintage Books: Priced as marked. We research our vintage books and price them relative to their online value.

Donation Process

We do not buy used books from customers, but we gladly accept donations during regular business hours. Customers making a donation will receive a coupon for 10% off their purchase. You are also welcome to drop off donations on our porch during our off hours. Simply let us know the donations are from you so we can be sure to get you a coupon voucher.

We are open to receiving any of the above-listed genres that are in good condition. We are not accepting encyclopedias, textbooks, books about old technology (like Windows 95 or How to Program a VCR!), and other generally unsellable titles.